How to use prospecting
to scale your business

How to use prospecting to scale your business

If you are looking at scaling your business and wondering whether prospecting emails offer an effective way to harness new business, then our latest webinar is for you. Our very own Lizzie Counihan (Head of Client Services) and Steve Harlow (CSO) are joined by Stephen Crane (co-founder of Sales Agents UK) to explore exactly how […]

LinkedIn Connection Requests: How to Grow Your Network

Sending a LinkedIn connection request is just a modern version of a very old phenomenon. In the 80s, a Filofax was all you needed to grow your professional network. Back in the 19th century, the cutting edge of networking technology was the business card. In the stone age, you probably just threw a rock at […]

How to Manage Your Sales Pipeline
to Close More Sales


A sales pipeline might seem like a theoretical idea from a marketing textbook. You might view charting and optimising it as a “nice to have” that you’ll never get round to. Or you might be wondering what on earth a sales pipeline is. While the graphic of the pipeline might seem theoretical, each section focuses […]

Sales Email Call to Actions: How to Write a Killer CTA

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Prospecting is tough. You map your market, you research your audience, you verify their email addresses, write the perfect message, and then… nothing. Even if everything else is great, getting the call to action wrong can lead to a shortage of leads. Any sales email requires a particularly good call to action. It’s a big […]

How to Find Prospects Online:
The Complete Guide

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Using multiple channels to find prospects online diversifies your lead sources, increases the number of leads, and ultimately drives more revenue. Despite this, sales prospecting is rarely given the same status as closing a deal. It’s like a football player who takes all the credit for scoring the goals, while his teammate is creating all […]