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Sell even more with three new sopro features

Kit Smith

Posted on: July 19, 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Category: News

Sell even more with three new Sopro features

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Website plugin, Webcatcher and Leadbooster added to the Sopro client portal

Sell even more with your Sopro campaign, using three advanced new features in the Sopro portal.

Each helps you generate additional leads from your prospecting activity, at no extra cost.

Connect with even more of your ideal customers in new ways, nurture leads and start conversations based on real-time customer interest.

Before we dive into the details, here’s our video introducing the new features.

Detailed data on visits from your prospecting contacts

It all starts with the web plugin. One simple install for the tech team, and you unlock a tonne of great features.

The web plugin instantly gives you detailed analytics on the people visiting your website. You’re probably thinking: “Our analytics programme does that already!”

But the plugin goes much further than that. It allows you to identify and track individual prospects as they land on your website.

Get the name, email address and LinkedIn profile of individuals visiting your site. See which pages they’ve visited, for how long, and how many times.

And because they are part of your campaign, you can be confident they fit your customer profile. That’s priceless data on your ideal customers. For free.

Instant notifications when prospects complete web goals

The Sopro Webcatcher takes that advanced web and campaign analytics and takes it to the next level.

You can set specific goals on your website that show buyer intent. That could be viewing your pricing or product page, repeatedly visiting your site, or returning to browse after a period of time away.

So if Peter from Initech is back on your site and now looking at your pricing page, we’ll send you an alert.

Your team can then spring into action, starting conversations with an ideal customer at the exact moment they want to learn more.

Track all your nurture activities in one place

We’re also thrilled to introduce Sopro Lead Booster

This hot new feature in the Sopro portal puts next-level lead nurturing directly into the hands of your sales team.

It takes all those people who have visited your site and everyone who has completed your buyer intent goals. 

It gives you their email, LinkedIn profile, and details about their company.

And it acts as a central hub for nurturing them. Easily view all activity for a prospect, from emails, replies, web goals, and SDR activity like phone calls and LinkedIn messages.

From phone calls to sales meetings, Leadbooster lets you track all of your outreach activity.

So now, you can engage with prospects that haven’t responded to your email but have still shown they are considering your solution.

Manually nurturing these opportunities with Sopro’s Leadbooster lets you generate additional leads from your Sopro campaign at no extra cost. 

Sopro: more benefits, more leads, more sales

With this latest feature release, our clients enjoy even more benefits from their prospecting campaigns.

Email responses

Sopro campaigns drive sales conversations at a predictable rate that scales as you do. You pick up the conversation as positive replies land in your inbox.

Direct calls into sales teams

Some people still prefer to pick up the phone and talk things through. That’s why our engagement campaigns drive an increase in calls direct to your sales team.

Increased traffic direct to your website

Campaigns also drive traffic from the emails to your website – bringing more prospects into your nurture stream.

NEW! Get notified when individual prospects show buyer intent on your website.

Discover and nurture the prospects visiting your site. Reveal hidden buyer intent of individuals in your target audience – and then track your nurture activity in the Sopro portal. Drive more leads from your existing campaigns at no extra cost.

Website lead generation

Even if you don’t nurture the visitors to your site, driving more visitors to your website – who actively want to know more about your business – leads to an increase in website conversions.

Brand awareness and increased search

Reaching out to thousands of your ideal customers means increased brand search demand, as prospects conduct research on your brand.

More information about all three features can be found on this page.

For Sopro clients, speak to your customer success manager today.

Sell even more with our new features

Speak to our outreach experts today to learn more
about every benefit of a Sopro campaign.

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