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Re-thinking your business or marketing strategy? Here’s how others are already succeeding

For many businesses the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a re-think in business and marketing strategy.  SoPro clients from a variety of sectors are transforming their propositions, targeting and messaging in order to compete and succeed.  To help spread the word, we’ve shared some of the many success stories that we’ve helped create to date; from Management Consulting to Marketing… Accounting to Telecommunications, get inspired and see how they made the switch below with our before/after breakdown for each.


Here are 10 great examples of SoPro clients that have successfully transitioned to thrive in the Pandemic:


Brief Description of Client

Our esteemed client operates a global network of Charted Accountants, Lawyers, Solicitors and Finance professionals. The UK headquartered business has increased market share and diversified services in the past 2 decades, supported in recent years by SoPro with direct outreach to power business development across a number of service lines.

Deal cycles are anything from 4-12 weeks.
Average client value sits between £50k-£100k.
SoPro prospects for the existing sales team to generate meetings and calls to discuss services in more detail.

Before the Pandemic

SoPro has primarily been supporting the client’s direct outreach for it’s service proposition to foreign businesses considering market entry into the UK. Given the relatively high average contract value the sales process involves considerable travel and associated investment to attend face-to-face sales meetings. The client’s accountants would travel globally to meet with businesses face-to-face for initial support discussions, then follow up with various further meetings as needed, while progressing through a well tested pitch, propose, close deal cycle. Performance was great. Business was growing. Life was good. Then in March 2020… everything changed.

During Pandemic

With face-to-face meetings no longer possible, our client quickly and proactively transitioned both the service proposition and the sales process to a fully digital format.

Targeting was adjusted to engage domestic SME’s in the most severely affected industries, with a proposition to support and conduct increasingly urgent financial audits and credit risk assesments to help prevent insolvency scenarios.

Take up has been immediate and the campaign performance (Lead Rate %) is currently outperforming the pre-pandemic performance levels.

A great example of making the right changes early.

Business Services

Brief Description of Client

Our client offers strategic procurement transformation solutions to businesses. Their aim is to streamline cost efficiency, or introduce change within businesses to work better across the public service sectors. By partnering with clients they aimed to work with, and deploy clients to in-house teams. They do this by being on site, travelling throughout the UK.

Deal cycles are anywhere from 6-9 months and sometimes upwards of four years.

This company specialise in being able to offer adhoc support starting at £20,000 – £750,000.

SoPro prospected with the aim of generating meetings and calls to discuss services in more detail. This would then be passed to the companies in-house sales team to close the deals.

Before the Pandemic

We focused the messaging around a generalised approach on change, transformation and procurement – which largely involved being on site.

We also adapted messaging towards IR35 regulations (which were fast approaching) and how they could assist wholesale strategic procurement transformation through to project delivery once the IR35 regulations changed.

This meant that businesses would not have to hire independent contractors, as may previously have been the case, to manage project delivery.

During Pandemic

IR35 was postponed by a year, so we shifted our focus to the supply chain.

Huge changes in operations have impacted many businesses so the aim now is to assist in ensuring businesses have the correct risk and control costs in place. We do this by providing the clients with expert know-how to assist with budgets and the potential staff shortages.

All of this was managed virtually, and the client had free reign to be creative in their costings to assist where possible.

Computer Software

Brief Description of Client

Our client is an AI troubleshooting platform that allows end-users to fix products themselves, identifying tough problems, giving expert advice, and answering time-consuming questions before they reach the companies’ support team: all done via automated tech support that meets the user at any online platform.

Before the Pandemic

SoPro has primarily developed three approaches for the campaign, One focused on digital transformation roles that were looking at new cost-effective technologies, the second was marketing roles with an user-experience focus, and the third was product roles that were aiming to increase the product’s usage and understand the customer’s baheviours.

During Pandemic

With a new scenario where companies are having to face new Tech Support challenges, the new message is aimed to all job titles within scope, with the angle of Improving the companies’ customer support during lockdowns. Helping them use automation to tackle the most acute challenges for support teams during the covid-19 pandemic.

For this new approach, the client is offering their service for free (for COVID-related tech support) and we are also sharing webinars on our chasers, with an extra help for companies struggling with their support team.

Financial Services

Brief Description of Client

Our client assists smaller businesses across the UK, ensuring they are not overpaying their essential bills such as telecommunications, insurance and energy.

They do this by running comparisons of their existing set up whilst having exclusivity to business rate tariffs.

Being relatively new they have utilised SoPro’s market outreach to engage businesses across the UK and increase their presence in the market, whilst setting up discussions where they can provide, in seven minutes, a free cross comparison to their existing set-ups.

The client would then receive a commission for any tariff changes they make from the suppliers removing the need for expensive brokerage firms. They would continue to do this automatically, every twelve months.

Before the Pandemic

SoPro were specifically focused on the clients energy function, to ensure smaller businesses are on the correct tariffs.

The client has been able to offer savings of £2,144 a year (on average). This involved directing smaller businesses to provide their details for one of their team to set up a phone call and run through their existing tariff rates. They also would aim to spot any other savings opportunity where appropriate.

During Pandemic

Being a virtual service, the pandemic did not drastically change how this business operated. However, with businesses now facing financial decline, the client had been inundated with calls specifically around insurance.

We therefore discussed a strategy to ensure smaller businesses are completely aware of all their core service offerings and savings available – from energy, insurance and telecommunications. We directed this in a way that allowed them to provide advice in anyway possible.

Graphic Design

Brief Description of Client

Our client is an esteemed design agency that has worked with renowned brands providing packing, POS, and brand identity designs.

Their speciality lies within the broader Food and Beverage sectors whilst the second arm of the business works with a wide range of industries, providing custom made software solutions.

SoPro has been supporting the client’s design arm with a focus on engaging brands in the Food and Beverage sector.

Before the Pandemic

SoPro was focused on engaging both the client’s core sectors as well as exploring a broader mix of industries with a proposition around brand identity, promotional literature, packaging and website development.

As expected, the industry specific approach into the clients core sectors was responsible for the majority of leads with new opportunities being created in markets that the client would not typically engage with. Avergage cost per lead was £58.59.

During Pandemic

With the closure of many retail outlets and multiple businesses focusing their attention on e-commerce, our client shifted focus to offering website development services.

SoPro shifted the targeting away from the clients core sectors to engage with industries which are primarily seeing increased deman online or are operating E-commerce models,

Information Technology and Services

Brief Description of Client

This client provides competency and compliance management systems which were developed specifically for the Oil and Gas sector post historic disasters.

Their systems were quickly extended to other market sectors to ensure best practice is followed at all levels of an organisation, which drives cost reductions and increased efficiency.

Both the UK and US arm of the business was supported by SoPro with a focus on identifying new sectors that would benefit from the offering. The average client value is around £50,000.

SoPro prospects on behalf of the CEO and VP to generate calls to discuss services in more detail.

Before the Pandemic

SoPro has primarily been supporting the client’s direct outreach for it’s service proposition to UK and USA businesses in the client’s core business sectors. We do this with low volume tests taking place in broader industries.

Given the relatively high average contract value, primarily enterprise level businesses were engaged. As expected the clients core sectors responded well to the offering with meetings being generated. Other sectors had slower response rates until March 2020.

During Pandemic

With systems specifically developed for organisations to cope in times of crisis, it was an important time to offer such expertise to a wider market.

The messaging of our campaign was adjusted to reflect how our client was well placed to extend a helping hand during these difficult times. The focus was on our clients strong history in increasing productivity, and strengthening an organisations ability to cope with either increased demand or increased supply chain inefficiency.

More focus was placed on sectors heavily impacted by the crisis and outside the clients core business sectors.

A couple of weeks down the line our client has secured a contract with a multinational Food and Beverage provider, and our campaign lead rate has actually improved compared to pre-pandemic statistics.

Management Consulting

Brief Description of Client

Our client is a peer-to-peer networking management consultancy, with a focus on senior level HR and benefit roles across US industry verticals.

Their journey with SoPro started in 2018 and have since ran several campaigns targeting different industries including HR and Hospital and Healthcare.

The sales cycle is dependant on sign up to the event date, so typically is very short as we run compaings a few months in advance of each event.

Before the Pandemic

Pre pandemic, the lead rate was averaging around 5%, with the offer of attending the event in person and covering associated costs once membership was established.

This companies core business was severely disrupted by the CV19 outbreak. They had to cancel all face-to-face meetings, round table discussions, and events.

SoPro worked with this client to distribute key messaging around core event attendance. With notable key speakers still able to digitally provide their services, our client experienced excellent response and lead rates.

During Pandemic

This company have shifted to virtual CHRO executive sector meetings, think tanks and events. The most recent virtual event had sixty-five senior level HR execs in attendance. Interestingly, targeting has remained the same but all networking is now taking place virtually, with a special discounted membership rate to encourage new sign-ups.

SoPro overhaled the templates to ensure there was appropriate tone and empathy given the crisis, but still showcasing the benefits the prospect would reap from attending the new virtual event. As a result they’ve had highest number of leads since August 2019!


Brief Description of Client

This client is a digital marketing agency that specialises in growing sales for specialist ecommerce brands through Search and Paid Media.

SoPro started supporting them on different aspects of their services in January.

Their deal cycle is usually 2 to 3 months and the deal sizes are around £5,000 for 6 weeks projects. “

Before the Pandemic

Pre pandemic, we focused on two sides of their services: Digital PR and Paid Ads on Google and Facebook.

Their Digital PR offering is about acquiring the right inbound links as well as creating compelling content pieces to ensure relevant and wide visibility on Google for their clients.

Their Paid Ads offering is an optimisation tool that increases the daily deals and reduces CPA on both Google and Facebook.

During Pandemic

After the pandemic, our client chose to focus on Paid Ads as that offering helps ecommerce brands to stand out. That specific outreach saw the highest performance from the initial engagement, as our client was able to offer a pay on performance model.

We are currently working on an approach that offers prospects a report on Google search keywords, with the intent of opening up the conversation with prospects on their current strategy and how they are staying relevant with a changed demand.


Brief Description of Client

This client is a leading managed service provider, that specialises in cloud migrations and business transformation. Their main focus is on leveraging the power of convergence.

SoPro has been supporting them on various fronts, including propositions for contact centres to implement integrated communications solutions. All with the aim of improving the customer experience.

The integration of mobile and fixed telephony was also proposed to various business across a broad industry mix. The client’s deal cycle is around three months with deal values ranging from £50,000 to £100,000.

Before the Pandemic

The campaign was split into two approaches, one focused on approaching contact centres and the second pitching integrated communication solutions that improve employee productivity, and customer experience.

As expected the narrow targeting focus on contact centre job titles was responsible for the majority of leads generates, with further opportunities becoming available at a slower pace in industries which are typically not the clients core markets.

During Pandemic

Post-pandemic our client was quick to adapt their offering to extend free virtual consultancy services and remote worker tools to a wide array of industries.

Targeting was focused on sectors facing increased demand but with a decreased ability to supply the market. The second approach was shifted to offering an all-in-one remote working package primarily to sectors facing increased demand.

Although it’s early days into the activity, March resulted in a drop in CPL from £146.00 to £85.13, compared to February performance.


Brief Description of Client

Our clients’ focus is to inspire leaders and organisations to drive performance and engagement, using mindfulness and resilience strategy training.

What separates them from the competition is the ability to provide this training through their learning within psychology and neuroscience. This has been managed in an onsite capacity, and in one-hour sessions.

Typical budgets aren’t appropriate as this tends to not be a ‘one size fits all’ model. This client mainly operates within the UK, but does assist on a global scale.

Before the Pandemic

We focused specifically on assisting HR departments as well as Sales departments.

Within HR the focus was around staff retention, engagement, welbeing and resilience and the behaviours involved.

Within Sales we focused on performance, up-skill in behaviour and resilience. Typical first stages of setting up these conversations was a discovery call and eventually travelling to meet face to face on site to discuss in further detail.

During Pandemic

With a large shift in the way businesses work, this ultimately meant a large impact in mindset.

Businesses have now adapted to a new way of working despite the current work flow being heavily disrupted. The adaption here remains focused around improving performances, but is now focused specifically towards productivity, anxiety management, uncertainty and isolation training due to working from home.

We have seen some positive results so far with this messaging as businesses are welcoming the opportunity to discuss ‘the new normal’ and how this is best managed from a team work perspective.

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