Today our huge new 3,000 sq. ft office opened – and we are just so excited.

The plants are installed, funky floor tiles are locked in, keys handed over, racks up, servers in, floorplan live and workstations are being fired up on fresh new power lines.

To be honest, things had become a bit of a squeeze at HQ1.

In the last 12 months, SoPro has been one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Europe, adding over 20 new team members in Skopje and several more in the UK… and things were getting a bit cosy in the old gaff.

As part of a $4m investment in growth, the new offices should seat a 50 strong team.  And bring them on!

SoPro has been a phenomenal success – thanks to the commitment of our employees, our commitment to our clients and the simple fact that we deliver results.  Our new offices give us the space we need for significant further growth – and you’ll be seeing the benefit of this very shortly.

Here are a few sneaky pics.

Sopro office 1

SoPro office 2 Sopro office 3 Sopro office 4 sopro office 5 sopro office 6 sopro office 7