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It’s been an incredible year so far.

We’ve seen an avalanche of platform development, service improvements and most importantly… new clients, gracing the digital decks of the good ship SoPro.

At the turn of the year we set ourselves the mind-bogglingly unrealistic target of signing 100 clients before the end of 2016.  We’ll we’ve reached September and signed 71 client campaigns across 56 clients to date.  The vast majority remain with us as we refine and improve the now established prospecting channels we run for some of the most progressively managed brands in the land.

It is hard to put into adequately meaningful words, the hours, the sweat, stress, insomnia and relentless toil that is required of building a business out of nothing more than imagination.


Perhaps it is equally challenging to express the satisfaction and reward that comes from stabilising a bootstrapped business built from the ground up.

With the launch of our brand new website and branding, today feels a bit like we’re leveling up.  We’re still a little rough around the edges but it’s time to be taken a bit more seriously, having done our level best to galvanize a never before defined service model, the incredible team at SoPro has built what we consider to be the best B2B prospecting service in the world.

We found some exceptional humans along the way, come and meet the team.

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