We get to see a lot of interesting stuff.

Okay in the grand scheme of our enigmatic intergalactic significance I’m the first to admit the team at SoPro don’t know a whole lot about much.

We probably can’t tell you what the price of bitcoin will do next week… we’ll have a go… but when it comes to cross-vertical, global B2B market insight, we know our onions.  We know our engagement strategies from our engagement strategies and we can usually tell if a campaign cuts the mustard from about 40 paces.

Our unique position sees us exert creative and strategic influence over the marketing strategies employed by many vastly differing businesses.

At risk of flagrant exaggeration we must have supported every possible permutation of the selling from/selling to mix.  SoPro help large businesses sell to startups, we help software businesses sell to marketing agencies.  Recruitment platforms to Enterprise HR.  UK consultancies to APAC CTOs.  We support European BPOs as they engage London mid-tier executives.  Accountancy firms contacting small business owners.  Biotech to big-Pharma.  Video production to Private Equity.  You name it.

We won’t just tell you how to do it, we’ll show you how we’ve done it

There may be little surprise in all of this given the nature of our B2B prospecting service, that is after all what we do, but it doesn’t make our unique insights any less valuable.

At least once a day, we discover something insanely interesting about what works and what doesn’t.  This brutally fact-based wisdom is distilled to credible objective insights and shared with SoPro clients, ultimately forming a large part of the value we bring to each prospecting campaign we craft.

This is the first in a series of posts designed to impart some of the interesting stuff we know.  Just to give you a flavor of the kind of things we get up to.

We’ll be covering the following posts to start with.

    1. The best day and time to prospect.
    2. Best/worst prospecting subject lines.
    3. Prospecting language.  Polished Vs Personal.
    4. Ideal intros, killer templates vs template killers.
    5. Prospecting success rates by industry.
    6. Best/Worst titles to prospect.
    7. Buzz-word bingo, ditch the lingo.
    8. Call to action.  Meeting, call or website?

I’ll check back and hyperlink each post direct from the list as we work through them.  One a week sounds like a sensible target.

We’re not paying writers to produce this stuff, our insights are direct from real data.  Our data.  Hot, fresh and worth a read.