Deal Closers Needed

Due to pipeline influx, several of our prospecting clients are currently seeking sales partners to support deal-closing across their active pipeline opportunities. (Those of you familiar with the SoPro service will understand.)

To support this demand, in addition to thoroughly recommending  the awesome team and Commission Crowd, SoPro maintains a register of competent deal closers, with whom we are happy to connect our clients directly. We stake our reputation on the quality of our recommendations, so this opportunity is restricted to proven sales people only.
Heavy hitters with a known ability to close.

Proven sales people are worth their weight in gold, which is roughly what the best SoPro Closers are paid.

SoPro do not charge fees for connecting clients with closers.

Zero intro fees, zero service fees and we do not accept deal commissions.  Our motivation is simply to help our active prospecting clients to continue maximising their SoPro deal flow.

The Process

If you think you’ve got what it takes, step 1 is to register as a SoPro Closer.

If successful we will start you off on the SoPro service, we will provide an active pipeline
and full compensation for deals closed.

Once proven – typically 3 deals later (3 weeks or so), we will formalise your position as a SoPro Closer and consult with you regarding active client opportunities.

All client opportunities are fully prospected for by us, this is a closing role
not a deal sourcing role.