We represent your business to pitch each prospecting lead.


We follow each pitch with your product or service proposal.


We negotiate commercials and close deals.

Brought to you in partnership with

commission crowd
our solution

The last mile.

SoPro partners with CommissionCrowd to support scenarios where a strong product or service needs a simple mechanic to market.

Let SoPro engage your market and flow qualified leads to highly qualified commission based sales experts ready to competently handle the pitch to contract deal stages.

We find, engage, pitch and close deals on your behalf.  As a service.

This service is so shiny and new that we are still polishing the promotional material.  Please contact us for a discussion.

Salesperson’s  Dream

CommissionCrowd Sales experts LOVE SoPro enabled campaigns.

The prospect of back to back meetings means a high volume of qualified opportunities.  A strong pitch is all that’s needed for a great close rate.

Client Criteria

SoPro operates a stringent client vetting process to ensure a strong close rate:

  • the proposition is market ready, competitive and appropriately priced.
  • the sales process is succinct (Pitch Propose, Close).
  • the sales process is supported by high quality collateral and sales stationary.