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Chris Thomas

Incovo - Ceo & Owner       incovo.com

How can small businesses compete with established market players and win?


How to compete? To demonstrate you can provide a better service than the market leaders!
Throw yourself in with the customer and always be available to help them. Building a level of customer service that beats your big market leaders will increase your chances of winning business.

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Each month SoPro solicits an incredible selection of experts to contribute bitesize wisdom to help our future leaders. Lessons learned the hard way, packaged for human consumption in 300 characters or less. We reach the bold, the wise and the beautiful as we tease out intellectual gold-dust from the most experienced thought leaders and industry figureheads.

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This month we asked our experts to contribute to the topic: "How can small businesses compete with established market players and win?" as you can see below we had some great responses. Once again we were blown away by the quality of advice coming from the panel, and not for the first time. This stuff it totally Moorish.

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