We run the outreach for some 300 or so B2B brands with a multitude of objectives in play… from populating webinars, filling breakfast briefings/networking events, driving customers to web, gated content, white papers, surveys… calls, meetings, group membership, the list goes on.

Campaign success rates are influenced by many factors but without doubt the B2B approach that consistently outperforms every other is a well-formed, personalised and conversational email introduction, made to the right person in the right business, asking directly for a meeting and explaining why.

All roads lead to Rome.

“All roads lead to Rome…” Possibly the most well-used phrase in the SoPro sales dictionary.  Our logic is that Nine times out of Ten the purpose of webinars, gated content, PPC, SEO, events, blogs, social media, direct mail, DRTV, thought leadership, PR, video strategies… you name it, the purpose is to engage the right people with the right message and pique enough interest to generate a qualified sales call or meeting.  For most B2B firms, that call or meeting is the SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) and the first genuinely valuable stage of the sales pipeline.

Direct prospecting shortcuts the whole merry dance and takes you straight to the meeting. 

We hear it from SO many clients, webinars take 10x more effort to set up than expected, they tie up senior and expensive people for days if not weeks and results are often pitiful.  We’ve known clients to spend upwards of £5k on resourcing and promoting webinars only to generate a handful of contact details… contacts that they THEN email.

Take it from SoPro, the campaigns that are blowing the doors off are those that cut straight to the chase.

Take it from SoPro, the campaigns that are blowing the doors off are those that cut straight to the chase. Provided your website, collateral and sales process are in a competitive state, I would urge just about every B2B firm on the planet to forget webinars and strongly consider direct email prospecting as a prominent (if not the primary) channel when it comes to developing new clients.

There are few better outreach formats than well a executed prospecting campaign. Our model can be deployed to support one salesperson, or ten. It is a powerful, budget-friendly and scalable method to deliver sales meetings into your business at a fixed cost, reliably.

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