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Welcome to a world of email prospecting data. From industry benchmarks, the best time to send emails, which job titles to target and how company size affects results, it’s all covered in The State of Prospecting. Every Sopro client campaign benefits from the wealth of data and expertise we’ve built up over the years, and now you can access the last five years of results right here.

Prospecting can deliver your message to the heart of your target companies, but only if the right people get your message.
Should you aim for the top or will your email get buried Which job titles ignore their emails? And who has the highest lead rate?

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Least prospected job titles.

Least prospected job titles

Job Title Emails Sent
Learning and Development Lead <0.1%
ICT Head <0.1%
Architect Lead <0.1%
Director Technical <0.1%
Manager Construction <0.1%
Most polite job titles.

Most polite job titles

Job Title Response rate
Fundraising Head 10.2%
Quality Engineer 9.8%
Office Coordinator 9.7%
Fundraising Manager 9.2%
Fundraising Director 8.5%
Most likely to respond positively.

Most likely to respond positively

Job Title Lead rate
Fundraising Head 12.1%
Manager Curriculum 11.4%
Fundraising 10.5%
Production Head 10.2%
Fundraising Manager 10.0%
Most prospected job titles.

Most prospected job titles

Job Title Emails sent
Managing Director 4.2%
Founder 2.3%
Marketing Manager 1.7%
CEO 1.7%
Chief Executive 1.4%
Least polite job titles.

Least polite job titles

Job Title Response rate
Senior Data Engineer 0.2%
IT Project Manager 0.6%
Data Scientist Senior 0.7%
EMEA Marketing 0.7%
Platform Head 0.8%
Least likely to respond positively.

Least likely to respond positively

Job Title Lead rate
IT Project Manager 0.2%
CRO 0.2%
Senior Data Engineer 0.3%
Visual Merchandiser 0.3%
Software Lead 0.3%

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Key job title stats

Job title Open % Response % Lead %
Job title Open % Response % Lead %

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