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Sending unique prospecting emails with artificial intelligence

Posted on: May 12, 2020

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Category: Prospecting

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Making every prospecting email unique

Want to see how SoPro use AI to generate a billion unique versions of every email we send?
Just push the ‘Subtext’ button below to see.  

The problem

We regularly contact as many as ten different prospects in every organisation. Yet we want each mail we send to be uniquely personal and to read as a one-to-one note.

So, how do we do this?

At the same time, spam filters are getting smarter and smarter at noticing when the same email text is being sent to multiple recipients. Quickly relegating content to the "promotions" folder, or worse, flagging as SPAM.

So, how do we get past this?

The answer

The answer we have devised is beautifully simple.

We call it Subtext, short for ‘Substitute Text’.

It allows literally billions of versions of the same email to be sent with each being absolutely unique. We’re not talking about just replacing [names] or [companies] or even [industries] in the text of our mails. (Though, of course, we do this too).

Imagine a slot machine.

It has nine reels each with four variants (bell, dollar, peach, win).

You hit the button and the reels spin.

There are 262,144 possible combinations.

Now imagine an email.

On each send you randomly alter words/phrases/paragraphs with different variants. Only one in every billion emails is likely to be exactly the same. And, naturally, you are already personalising by job title, name, time of day, industry, company and so on, so the odds of a duplicate are literally zero.

The result

The result is truly unique prospecting emails.

Emails that elegantly evade deliverability spam traps and convincingly ensure that if person A at an organisation receives your mail, you can rest assured it looks unique to that sent to person B.  

Want to give it a go?

Just press the ‘Subtext’ button below as many times as you like.

(And we’ll pay double jackpot for anyone rolling the same mail twice.)    

Pretty smart, huh?

Every SoPro mail feels like a personal message.

Our emails are often multi-billion to one levels of unique, and that’s why the results are so consistently strong.

Unique mails deliver better results, every single time.

Effective prospecting is never a gamble: it’s 100% calculated.

Win every time with SoPro’s AI powered Subtext messaging.