The art of prospecting

SoPro offer the most effective prospecting format in the world.

Our extraordinarily talented individuals deliver multi stage prospecting campaign as a flexible, scalable service.

There are 8 critical steps to every SoPro prospecting campaign, each has been developed, tested and earned its stripes as a core stage. We’ve outlined the blueprints below.

As you might imagine… Team SoPro can be a little obsessive about prospecting. Each step has a raft of actions, processes, systems and quality measures within it, all delivered like clockwork by Team SoPro, the Prospecting Guardians of the Universe.

  • Mission Control

    Expert campaign onboarding

    Full compliance assessment

    Planning & scheduling

    Identify campaign objectives, set targets, dates and plan campaign approach.

    GDPR compliance audit to ensure campaign complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic communications Regulations (PECR).

  • Full Market Assessment

    Agree target profiles

    Map markets

    Sample prospect list

    Locations, industries, company size brackets, target job titles.

    Map markets and circulate the segmented prospect universe for review.

  • Prospect List-Build

    Identify & qualify prospects

    Source contact details

    Filter exclusions

    Build a live prospect database and quality check every result by hand.

    Source and verify contact details for each valid prospect, including email.

    Filter campaign exclusions, existing personal contacts, active clients, previous responders and global suppressions.

  • Technical Delivery Setup

    Configure domain

    Deliverability testing

    Tracking & unsubscribes

    Email config testing. Domain blacklist and email deliverability testing. DNS updates or new domains if needed.

    Set up delivery, click, open and response tracking.

    Email Awesomeness checker.

  • Exceptional Messaging

    Write the perfect intro

    Punchy & personalised

    Weave the SoPro magic!

    Produce the perfect introductory email, highly personalized with a conversational tone.

    Crafted to flow naturally into your sales process. Usually asking for a meeting or a call.

  • Campaign Launch

    Go! Go! Go!

    Daily import to CRM

    Passive engagement (social)

    Direct engagement (email)

    Source and queue 50 - 100 fresh prospects every day

    Passively engage each prospect via social channels.

    Directly engage each prospect With an awesome personalized email intro

  • Track & Chase

    Response management (via CRM)

    Pen the perfect follow up

    Chase non-responders.

    Categorise and log responses

    Create tactful, light, informal or humorous chaser emails and continue engagement with 2nd, 3rd and 4th stage chaser emails to all non-responders.

  • Optimise

    Segmented reporting

    Live performance analysis

    Sales pipeline review

    Optimise weekly

    The world’s best campaign report format.

    Review response rates, deals closed and general campaign performance by segment on a weekly basis.

    Adjust targeting, technical settings and/or messaging to improve delivery rates, open rates and lead rates.