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We were not expecting to get as many responses as we did and have already closed some significant business from the leads provided. By having SoPro initiate the engagement, we can then carry on the conversation to build the relationships with the right people.


Company Profile

Location:  UK
Product/Service: Management Consulting

Typical Deal Value:  /

Deal Cycle: 3-6 months

Target Profile

Location: UK wide

Industries: Resturants, Food Production and Hospitality

Company Size:   1000+FTE

Role/Function: Procurement, Supply chain, Purchasing and Buying

Company Description

BrightSourced was founded in 2011 by leading procurement veterans, with the aim of helping businesses and organisations maximise the benefits of integrating procurement strategies, technology, market intelligence and purchasing expertise into their existing operations.

Since that time BrightSourced has worked with some of the UK’s largest retail chains and FTSE 100 companies, managing a spend portfolio worth over £1 billion.

The BrightSourced team are all seasoned procurement professionals, keen to share their deep knowledge of purchasing with your business. As well as having many years of global purchasing experience, BrightSourced are also experts in utilising different types of procurement software, from eSourcing technology to spend analysis programmes

BrightSourced have a number of key strategic partnerships with specialist procurement software vendors, providing your business with a range of platform options to suit your particular requirements. Read more about our partners.

  • To develop interest in Brightsourced brand and consulting services.
  • To secure sales meetings (and calls) through direct prospect engagement.
  • To drive market exposure through engagement and dialogue with qualified stakeholders.
Headline Results






Campaign Performance Breakdown

Here's how the campaign performed across each of the industry verticals and company size brackets in scope.

Prospects Open Rate % Response Response % Leads Leads % Cost per lead
Total: 3012 31% 294 10% 102 3.39% £59
501 – 1000 75 32% 13 17% 2 2.67% £75
1001 – 5000 1201 32% 138 11% 44 3.66% £55
5001 – 10000 473 33% 45 10% 23 4.86% £41
10001+ 1263 29% 98 8% 33 2.61% £77