Alternative Dispute Resolution

Industry Update: 16.01.2021

Vertical: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Type: B2Both
Covid Impact on Demand: Positive
Covid Impact on Ability to Supply: Negative
Viable Transition/Readjustment: Yes

We’re just ordinary people.

The business world now recognises that pandemic conditions are here to stay.

SoPro have direct access to several hundred B2B marketing operations, spanning 60+ verticals. In recent weeks we have seen major movement in global sentiment, shifting from defensive tactics to proactive strategy as realisation sets in.

We are now witnessing the largest and most complex change management project in the history of humankind.

The worlds businesses are rapidly readjusting to compete in a new world. Here’s how.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, what are we seeing?

We are seeing a growing number of disputes as businesses fail to perform existing contractual obligations or re-adjust their finances and operations. The unprecedented nature of Covid-19 has left many businesses requiring advice and assistance within this complex, specialist area.

What do these businesses need to do now?

1. Adjust your business targeting

With Covid-19 affecting so many businesses, there is a need to reach out to businesses of all shapes and sizes, asking them if they require your expertise. We can help you do this.

2. Review your marketing channels
B2B Direct Mail




Paid Search


Networking dinners/drinks & Partner Events


Tradeshows and Exhibitions


Awards Circuit


Door to door sales


Digital Outreach i.e. B2B prospecting


3. Revise your proposition

Whilst reaching out to new prospects, talk about your experience of Covid-19 and the patterns that you are seeing; how you have supported similar businesses with advice and assistance on the most common issues triggering disputes and the resolutions that you are helping customers with. At the same time, talk about the challenges effecting this area, your credibility, experience, flexibility and pricing.

4. Revise your messaging

Connect with prospects by talking their language; highlighting the pain points they are likely encountering and how your support has helped similar businesses. In many cases, your audience may be unaware of the changing nature of dispute and resolution within the Covid-19 climate. Talk about service levels and accentuate on quality, flexibility and turn-around. If possible, offer opportunities to get free advice and information, even if it’s on a generic (sector) level. Set out attractive commercial terms if able. Cash-flow is a challenge right now.

5. Drop the experts a line

At SoPro, business growth is what we do, and we've got the tech and team to quickly generate a healthy pipeline for your business. Our expert team are ready to discuss your campaign today.

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“One of the great things about working with SoPro is the dedicated team of professionals we have at the other end of the phone... For us, there really is no question. Having a prospecting service is vastly more beneficial than just having the tool. Put simply, it’s transformed our business.”

Nick Washington-Jones, Managing Director, Tack UK

Our Totally Bonkers 60 Second Explainer Video

What better way to convey the surreal magic of the SoPro service than through an animated 60-second explainer video, starring a flying submarine. We commissioned the experts over at Sentio Space to encapsulate SoPro’s fantastical prospecting machine in under a minute. And we don’t mind admitting they totally nailed it.