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If you’re doing your own prospecting and not yet ready for your own SoPro campaign, then you should check out our free B2B toolset.

You can use it to size your market, check prospect email addresses, test and assess your email deliverability, fine tune email copy and forecast campaign responses

It’s all free. Just sign up here to create your own account.

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Understand Your Addressable Market With Our Revolutionary New


Excuse us While we Blow Your Mind.

Team SoPro have some truly awesome tools at our disposal. Once we know your target criteria we will quickly map the size and scale of your addressable market using the exact tools and methods in place for our clients.

Simply fill out the form below and kick back while we research, collate and present your market in ways you never knew existed.

Please note this is a manual process and we currently provide the service for free.

It will take one of our team an hour or two to complete so please keep requests to a non-ridiculous level.

We aim to complete all market map requests within 24 hours.

Upgrade to world class prospecting emails… every time! With our


How Awesome is Your Email?

Totally free to use. Paste your email and let us calculate how awesome it is. We’ll check for spam terms, marketing terms, wordcount, paragraph length, spelling, readability, plus our extensive list of red flag email words and phrases. We will score your email and highlight everything that needs to be corrected.

Discover and verify business email addresses with our


Find Accurate Email Addresses NOW

Ok, so not every sales team has access to the world’s most powerful business email address finder. But you do. Enter your prospect’s name and their company domain and we’ll source, verify and provide the business email address in around 1-3 seconds. Because let’s face it, you don’t have 4 seconds. Totally free. Supports batch file processing.

Reach your recipient’s inbox every time with our


Enterprise Grade Email Deliverability Measurement

We integrated some of the worlds best tech to bring you the SoPro Advanced Deliverability test. There is no better way to determine deliverability than by producing and measuring an actual send. We will literally send your email to 100 inboxes across Google/Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Microsoft, and every major email service provider, then we will monitor the delivery stats, aggregate and present which email servers if any are flagging your messages as SPAM.

SoPro incorporates this into every prospecting campaign and on average we see a 14% delivery uplift when using this tool. You will too.

Test and optimise your email setup with


Introducing the Only Email Verifier you'll Ever Need

Just when you think you have the right email... Bam! Delivery failure. Another notch in your sender reputation and one step closer to blacklisting your domain.

Smart senders use the SoPro email verifier to validate email addresses before use. Emails are scored against a "SoPro Safe" criteria matrix that mirrors our internal verification approach. Adhering to the SoPro Safe standard will typically yield a deliverability between 97.5% and 100%.

See the future with our surprisingly accurate


How Does Your Campaign Stack up Against the SoPro Cross Campaign Averages?

Use our brand-new funnel mapping tool to forecast your prospecting campaign results.

Simply enter your prospect volumes and we’ll forecast engagement rates, likely open rates, response rates, total leads, pitches, proposals and closed deals… all based on SoPro’s live cross campaign average customer stats.

Our Campaign Forecasting tool is a great way to calculate how much each lead, pitch and sale is likely to cost you.