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A course that builds coding careers.

What we’re offering

Three months working alongside our team of developers with dedicated senior code guides to develop your coding skills.

At Sopro, we're code blooded focussed around .NET and React development. Plus, we hope, some if not all of our course graduates will stay at Sopro to train the next generation. The course includes practical assignments and modules designed to grow your coding skills within real-life business scenarios. Totally Agile across our tech projects, you will be helping to support and grow our business and delight hundreds of global clients.

What will you cover

At Sopro, we’re code blooded! We’re passionate about our code, development framework and all aspects of building technology products to delight our global clients.

Here are just some of the technologies you’ll get to work with during our three month Sopro springboard programme:

.NET 6, React, Typescript, Domain Driven Design, Web APIs

Cloud essentials (Azure), Git, SQL Server, Identity/OAuth

Multitenancy, Unit Of Work, Auto Mapping

What we’re looking for

You're already coding and know this is the career for you, but you need a little help on your journey to secure Junior developer experience - let's get your career bouncing!

Your journey with us doesn't have to stop at three months either. Sopro is growing fast - we're always on the lookout for talented people.

Could you be the newest addition to the Sopro team of developers - supporting our global B2B clients and incubator businesses directly as your code improves our products and prospecting results?

Meet the team

Application and selection process


Register your details and we’ll confirm your name is on our list


You'll receive a coding task to help us assess your dev approach and code quality


You may be invited for an interview to meet us, during May or early June


We will select five coders to join us for three months, starting on 4th of July 2022


We have a fantastic, state of the art office building situated in the heart of Skopje.

Sopro prides itself on paying competitive salaries and all successful candidates will be paid a Junior Developer’s salary.

At Sopro, we’re code blooded! In particular, you’ll be able to strengthen your C# skills and learn how to develop in React. We also have a unique in-house framework that you’ll be taught alongside giving you a better understanding of the difference between the classical long way of coding and our approach.

There are preparatory actions, operating procedures, data storage, data transmission and data encryption policies that will need to be reviewed and updated (or in some cases; written from scratch) to ensure your campaign is legal.

Working on real business projects, you’ll gain an insight into how to develop multi tenancy, highly scalable applications from day 1. We also follow the Agile methodology all the way through to proper definitions of acceptance criteria, so your code will be developed according to the latest and most widely applied standards.

We will ensure that you learn how to properly write unit tests and test every scenario possible within the system.

We hope that you’ll have the skills required to take a permanent Junior Developer position at Sopro. We’re an ambitious and rapidly growing martech company, so we’ve always got a new coding challenge or business requirement that needs the very best developers to work on it.

Sopro springboard is the only intern program we have planned for 2022. But, watch this space!