Direct CRM Integration

We connect directly with cutting edge CRM and sales management tools to enable automated lead output directly to your system

SoPro integrates with leading CRM platforms.

We connect directly with cutting edge CRM and sales management tools to enable automated lead output directly to your system.

SoPro plugs directly into Hubspot, Salesforce, Podio and Pipedrive to support API based inter-platform lead exchange.  It couldn’t be easier.

Simply select your CRM from the list of integrated partners, enter your API credentials (we’ll tell you where to get these), then kick back and watch your leads drop directly into your CRM.

Prospects arrive with lead source and sales owner assigned.

our CRM partners

SoPro Channel Partners Logo HubSpot

Close more deals with less work.
HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, track and grow your sales pipeline.
And it’s 100% free.  Forever.

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With Pipedrive you’ll always have a great overview of your sales pipeline.  

This truly effective sales tool majors on the pipeline overview and deal progress visibility, which is why sales pros, deal makers and management love it.

Deals are displayed across the different sales stages.  This clearly shows how your team is performing and draws focus back to deal generative activity.

SoPro Channel Partners Logo SalesForce

Sell smarter and faster with the world’s no.1 CRM.

Connect with your customers.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

SoPro Channel Partners Logo and Brand Podio

Your workflows, structured & smarter.

Podio is fast becoming one of the worlds most respected customisable workflow management and CRM solution. Loved by business leaders for it’s cost, employees for its intuitive use and developers for powerful flexibility.