What is the one single most important thing a business should understand about its customers

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Dave Hughes Ideal - Head of Marketing www.ideal.co.uk

In B2B, it’s easy to think of your customers as entities rather than sets of human beings doing their best to get things done. Especially as a marketer, it’s dangerously easy to get seduced by what you can measure and overlook the fact that to have great, sustainable relationships you need to have good listening skills and a good memory. I’m lucky that I work with a team of outstanding Account Directors who provide me with a consistent stream of actionable information around their customer accounts. Nothing beats regular conversations with customers, but I’d say that the single most important thing for us to understand about our customers is what are they trying to achieve? We use the Jobs To Be Done concept as the starting point for all our content and sales enablement planning, as it forces us to think of our customers as emotional beings who are looking to get things done – our job is to help make that happen.

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