How can a small business cut through the noise?

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Jean Freeman Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd - Managing Director

Listen to your customers, Work hard, Be Polite, Respect, & Trust Your Team

There is no substitute for hard work, lead from the front,- in first, leave last. Have fun too – there is nothing like the sound of laughter in your office.

At Sharp-aX, everyone has a voice.

We never say no to new ideas – we always learn something from trying and very little from inertia.

Whatever, your position in the company you must be seen to have a role and be seen to succeed.
I chose credit control as a way of staying in close touch with our customers recognizing & addressing issues quickly. and being supportive.

We don’t have an answer phone, our customers may speak to anyone of their choice without qualification
We make mistakes, so do our customers, we do not do blame culture instead – fix it first and analyse later.

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Darren Fell Crunch - Founder And CEO

Anyone can make noise in business, but cutting through it all depends on disruption and risk. Many feel compelled to analyse every possible outcome before taking the initial leap. It’s understandable, but if you spend too long thinking about it, someone else will get in there before you. Focus on your gut feeling and go with that.