3 tips to help small businesses win large corporate clients

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Anna Tsyupko Paybase - CEO www.paybase.io

1 – Strong customer service
Understanding your clients’ needs is essential. Going that extra mile to support them – whether that be with a dedicated dev support channel, step-by-step guides about how to integrate, effectively becoming an extension of your client’s product team etc. – helps you stand out and land the major clients.

2 – Agile operational processes
Building flexible processes that can be moulded to suit the needs of each client not only provides high-quality CX but it stands you in great stead to win business.

3 – Secure early adopters
Strong case studies are a great way to carve out your reputation. Large corporate clients want assurance that the service you provide could work for them; showcasing valuable testimonials is an effective way to do this.

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Andrea Corsini Render Atelier - CEO And Founding Partner www.renderatelier.com

1. BE BRAVE, don’t be hesitant in accepting challenges that are bigger than you. Even if you fail with few clients at the beginning of your journey, (I will surprise you don’t), implement those failures experiences you had encountered to establish your company structure and organization.

2. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE, chose the right partner, you can’t control and be good at everything, at all time.

3. NEVER LOSE FOCUS, a startup is needier than a child. If you are starting your entrepreneur journey alone you can’t, neither for a day (neither for an hour actually). lose focus and control of your “little baby”, try to anticipate every possible issue and you will see it will start walking and stop crawling very fast.

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Peter Briffett Wagestream - CEO & Co-Founder www.wagestream.co.uk

Always charge for your product or service – Businesses don’t value ‘free’ and it won’t speed up the sales process.

Go sector by sector – companies complete with other enterprises in their sector. Case studies, referrals and product enhancements are all far more relevant to businesses in the same sector.

Develop materials that help people inside the organisation sell your product or service. Just because you did a great sales pitch and leave, doesn’t mean an individual is able to convince the rest of their organisation they should sign a contract with you – help them make it happen!

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Tim Sargisson Sandringham - CEO www.sandringham.co.uk

Don’t sit behind a desk. Get out there. Network with people in your industry, attend events, write thought-provoking articles, work on steering groups, be interested, be noticed.
People need to recognise you, your firm, more importantly, want you stand for.
Employ the brightest and the best people you can afford. Find people more intelligent than yourself.
If an opportunity comes along say ‘yes’. Work out how to deliver it after you’ve done the deal and then put your brightest and best to work

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